26 March 2009

Ball and Chain

We're gearing up for the fabulous weather that springtime brings and moved the cardigans from the back of the closet to front and center. But admittedly, some cardigans need a little updating like this blah beige number.

I removed the buttons and replaced them with silver chains & beads. I also took the liberty of folding the sleeves, resulting in an edgier and younger look.

You can do the same by re-using an old necklace (cut in two-inch lengths) and beads of your choice (just make sure they are small enough to fit through the buttonholes). Otherwise, a visit to a craft store's jewelry-making section or a specialty bead shop can help you find all the materials you need -- chains, beads, findings, a wire cutter and pliers. Add needle and thread to the list if you don't have any.

With chains on your cardigan, who needs accessories?!
Now that's a what I call a Tada!.

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