31 March 2009

Pop the Cork...Then Save It!

This blog is all about recycling and the theme for the week is bottle caps & covers. I must admit that I have a habit of keeping a lot of odds & ends...hey, I always see the potential in mundane things! I like being a fairy godmother granting a wish to things destined for the garbage bin. Take these wine corks for instance. Once a blah...

...Forever a Tada!

I crowned the wine cork with beads & baubles using my favorite craft tool -- the glue gun. I use these corks with pizazz to top empty bottles that I can later fill with my favorite drinks, condiments, sauces and dressings. Don't you think they'll look pretty arranged on a shelf?

See you tomorrow for more blah to Tada! ideas!


  1. you are so clever! I love these ideas.

  2. Thanks Chessa! and Chrissy...your comments made my day =)

  3. Cute ideas :)

    When buying wine, look carefully to make sure you aren't buying a plastic 'cork', they're BLAH

  4. Hi Martin...appreciate the use of "blah" in your comment! To more TADAs! =)


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