02 March 2009

Got Mint?

Which do you prefer: mints or gum? I would choose the former because it does the job of keeping your breath fresh (or keeping you awake at a long meeting) and you can do it oh-so subtly. Just let the mint glide around your mouth as it releases its minty-fresh action and then it melts into oblivion. Gum is less discreet with all the chewing involved and the ceremony required to get rid of it -- wrap it in paper and toss it in the trash. Well, that's how I would do it but there are certainly many folks who just leave their gum on the sidewalk. What a major BLAH especially if it ends up on your shoes! Okay, so I got that off my chest.

I love mints and I always have some in my bag. I'm an equal-opportunity mint enthusiast, willing to try the many brands available so I've amassed quite a few mint containers. And while we treat an empty mint tin like this as a blah:

It can actually be transformed into a Tada!...

By covering the mint tin in polka-dot print sticker paper, it's now a cute dispenser for coffee sweetener that you can take wherever you travel. How sweet is that?


  1. Oh I LOVE your tada! It is so adorable, and the perfect fix for afternoon coffee. What a lovely transformation!

  2. OK, you really have the best ideas!!


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