18 March 2009

Scrapbook Central

This week we're coming up with ways to recycle a plastic Bento Box (a compartmentalized box used to serve Japanese restaurant meals). Before tossing it into the garbage bin, consider turning this blah into a Tada!:

Turn it into "scrapbook central", the hippest hang-out for all your scrapbooking (or crafting) supplies such as stamps, punches, brads, stickers, ribbon, glue, scissors, pens and glitter sticks. Take another one of these boxes to keep photos, caption sheets printed from a computer and quotes cut from a magazine so you're ready to assemble a page when you find the time. The box comes with a lid so it's easy to close, stack on top of each other and store in a drawer or cabinet.

If all your supplies are neatly organized and you can see all the tools you can work with, inspiration is never far behind!


  1. I am a Guide leader and I can see so many uses for this. We don't have these kind of boxes in Australia - as far as I know - but they'd be great to use. Not condoning more plastic rubbish, but they are pretty cool.

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