13 March 2009

Inspiration on a String

How did we blah to Tada! this week?
We turned plastic name tags into things that add organization into our life -- luggage tags on Monday, door signs on Tuesday, a coupon/receipt organizer on Wednesday and a bus/subway pass holder on Thursday. Today we say goodbye to the plastic sleeve and focus on the clips. A forceful tug releases the clip from the plastic sleeve. If you have lots of clips (at least 3), then you can make this:

An instant inspiration board!
It's easy to make: just sew the clips on to a long piece of ribbon &
make a loop on one end so you can hang it from any room or office wall.

Use it to display postcards or birthday cards, photos, pages torn from a magazine, favorite quotes, notes and reminders...anything that will keep you inspired and happy!

This is my final entry to this month's ReadyMade Magazine MacGyver Challenge.

I wish you all a fun-filled Tada! weekend!


  1. i absolutely love this one! so fantastic. what a fun idea for a blog! thanks for sharing such great ways to recycle our stuff.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Made Sweet! =)

  3. WONDERFUL ideas!


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