04 March 2009

Pocketful of Spices

I really like these Wrigley's Doublemint Mints. They're tiny white capsules that heroically bid bye-bye to bad breath & the mint flavor is not too strong to make one wince. Sadly, I can't find this brand anymore. What a BLAH. I'm left with their casings that I've turned into a Tada!:

S is for Salt and P is for Pepper...what a dynamic duo they make together!
Keep these little shakers in the office drawer so you can take them out when lunch needs some seasoning. They come in handy, too for packed lunches & picnics.

C is for Chili...chili flakes or chili powder, it's totally up to you.
Just a little dash to
spice up a cafeteria or airplane meal.

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