11 March 2009

This one's for the coupon-lovers!

I love using coupons! I get a kick out of saving some dollars, especially these days. Every Sunday, you'll find me on the couch looking through coupons & supermarket fliers inserted in the newspaper. I stuff the coupons into my bag and they wait there until my trip to the store. They're very patient, these coupons, because many times I can't go to the store right away. The just hang-out but they get crumpled especially since they share the space with keys, pens and all the other things in my bag.

So I came up with a solution using two of these name tags:

And this old lanyard:

Turning two blahs into one fabulous Tada!:

It's a coupon and receipt holder!

Here's how I made it:

(1) Remove clips from plastic sleeves [I just used some force]. There will be holes in the plastic & that's totally okay. If you need to, you may reinforce the holes using a hole punch or a pen. (2) Insert a key ring [recycled from an old key chain] into both holes. (3) Trim the lanyard or cord into about half its original size [leaving the hook attachment on one end] and secure it to the key ring by making a knot. (4) Use one sleeve to keep coupons and the other sleeve to keep receipts or store discount cards.

Hook it onto a zipper handle in your bag, adding another level of organization!

This coupon & receipt holder is my third entry to this month's MacGyver Challenge over at ReadyMade Magazine. It might win me a year's subscription & a T-shirt...how cool is that?

See you tomorrow for another name tag transformation!


  1. I've just died and gone to heaven! I try to save old junk mail envelopes - I write my list on the blank back and keep the receipts inside. But this --- this is magnificant! I'm a coupon queen and am going to make this before my next grocery trip!

  2. Hello Christina! I love coupons myself :) So happy you like this project!


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