09 March 2009

ReadyMade MacGyver Challenge

ReadyMade Magazine is one clever manual bursting at the seams with D-I-Y projects and brilliant ideas. Even craft-shy folks will discover a thing or two after soaking in pages dispensing tidbits about technology, books, food, photography or interior design. Once you put it down, you'll say to yourself, "I want to make something!"

One of my favorite sections has got to be the back page called the
MacGyver. For those who are too young to remember, it's named in honor of the lead character in the TV show MacGyver popular in the 80's. Angus Macgyver (played by Richard Dean Anderson) was this hunky secret agent whose greatest strength was his resourcefulness. He got out of intense situations (ex. trapped inside a locked truck that's about to explode) using found objects like a paperclip or stopped the bad guys using a bomb made out of chewing gum. So if people call you "MacGyver", take it as a compliment because it means you can make something out of nothing!

In every issue of ReadyMade, there's a MacGyver challenge where readers are given an everyday item or what we call in this blog a BLAH (ex. pots & pans) to transform into a totally new object, or what we call a TADA! (ex. chandelier).

The next challenge
is to find new uses for the NAMETAG (clip-on plastic sleeves or IDs with lanyards) and I'm putting my gameface on!

Everyday this week, I'll show you how I turn this blah (nametag) into a Tada!.

By simply printing out a name badge and trimming the cord...

...the ID tag is now a luggage tag!

The plastic sleeve protects the info sheet from getting wet and whatever turns & tumbles that happen on the baggage carousel. Personalize as you wish -- colored paper & a bright ribbon (instead of a cord) so you can spot your suitcase from miles away.

Here's another version of the ID tag. Once a blah...

...now a Tada!

The travel expects recommend putting a label inside your bag in case the luggage tag gets lost. This nifty ID tag rises to occasion with its safety pin-back & sturdy plastic. Just add a neat print out of your information (include your contact details), attach and you're on your way!

Have a great week ahead & see you all tomorrow!


  1. I have so many of these from conferences and everything - what a great idea!

  2. The official souvenir from conferences! I have a lot and don't have the heart to throw them =)
    Thanks for stopping by again, Miss Culinarywannabe!


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