12 March 2009

A Commuter's Delight

Readymade Magazine's MacGyver section dared me to revamp this blah (plastic name tag) into a Tada!

I summoned what little fashion accessory-making skills I have & picked up some leather scraps from a fabric store.

If MacGyver fancies a Swiss Army Knife, then a glue gun is my weapon of choice. Throw in a pair of scissors and a needle & thread to complete my arsenal.

I worked my design around the "flaps" of the pre-cut leather. I attached one flap onto the other piece using my trusty glue gun.

When flipped over, it looks like a folding case!

I removed the metals clips from two plastic name tags
and glued one on each piece of leather. The glue gun will come in handy again, but be very careful because the hot glue can melt the plastic. Another alternative is to use crazy glue.

Then, I inserted a pretty patterned paper on each of the plastic sleeves to hide the glue marks.

Using a template, I traced floral patterns on the remaining piece of leather & cut them out.

I glued on the different sized-flowers on the face of the case...with a glue gun, of course!

I put snap-on buttons (velcro would work well, too) so I can close it.

And look what I've made!

It's a cute case to store my bus pass...no need to take it out of my wallet. All I need is to flash the pass. Subway cards are also welcome to make this their home!


  1. Thanks! I've already put it to good use =)

  2. I've always loved the idea of taking stuff you already have and making into something adorable. Really cute and creative idea.


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