16 March 2009

Bento Box

If you've ever eaten at a Japanese restaurant, you'll be familiar with the BENTO BOX. It's a beautiful box made of lacquer with Japanese designs painted on it like flowers and fans. It arrives on your table sometimes with its cover on and served on a tray, giving a feeling that you've been presented with a gift. When you open it, it's your entire meal carefully and beautifully arranged!

Another characteristic of the Bento Box is its many compartments, segregating the protein form the carb, fruits, veg and dipping sauces. It has dividers so food don't touch each other. Not that it's a bad thing, but you don't want the sauce seeping into the rice now, would you?

You'll also find Bento Boxes at Japanese fast food restaurants where plastic replaces lacquer. Some of these boxes can even be microwaved for take-away orders. One day, I did just that after craving for a tasty Japanese lunch. My tummy was basking in Japanese heaven but I was left with this blah:

A plastic Bento Box that I cleaned inside & out and turned into:

Tada!...an organizer my jewelry-making hobby!
The compartments neatly hold beads & pearls grouped by type & color. It even has space for necessities like wire, a wire cutter, scissors & string. Then I put on the box cover when I'm not beading so the beads stay in place even if the box gets knocked over.

Have a good & productive week everyone!

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