24 March 2009

Cute as a Button

We're playing re-fashionista this week by updating old cardigans.

Buttons are an easy way to change the look of an old garment. It's a good excuse to visit a button shop (I found some in New York City's Fashion District or you can go on-line). A better idea, however, is to dip your hand into your button stash. Yes, you have one! You didn't know? Let me refresh your memory: when you buy a shirt or trousers, they come with extra buttons attached to them in a little bag or sewn on the shirt label. When you gather them together, Tada!: button stash! And so what if they're mismatched:

Sew them on using thread in a contrasting color...

...And a little switcheroo turns a blah into a Tada!


  1. Too cute for words. I've seen ones with buttons all around the neck and thinning out as they move down the torso - would be a nightmare to wash though and would surely fall out of shape.

  2. Wow what a great blog you have here....I love this concept! Thanks for stopping by my place.... x

  3. Hi katiecrackernuts -- your description of the button cardigan sounds really nice! Maybe I'll try that when I have enough buttons =)

    Thanks Leanne for the visit!


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