23 March 2009

Spring Sweaters

It's officially spring and while the weather outside is still in denial, I've invited my favorite light sweaters to come out of hiding. I find them oh-so reliable when I'm wearing my spring outfits. I'm proud to say I've had them for many years...I'm all for classic dressing!

I wanted to dress up this plain, white cardigan.

I got some inspiration from the colors (pinks & lilacs) of the new season and turned a blah into a Tada!. I simply added a fabric rosette that can easily be made with cloth scraps or ribbon, a needle, some thread and a safety pin.

Stop by tomorrow for another sweet-sweater idea! Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my site, as it lead me to yours. I love what you do with things you already have on hand. Those bento box ideas are great, and this sweater is beautiful. Very J Crew. I can't wait to see what else you have!

  2. How lovely...I adore cardigans!!!

  3. Hi Hayley! Thanks for moseying on over to my site and for your sweet comments!

  4. Hi Indie.Tea! I bet you have a wonderful cardigan collection =) Thanks for visiting!


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