06 May 2010

A Bottle of Cleanliness

Happy Thursday!

Today, I've got another bottle make-over.

Here's a super cute bottle that I saved
and cleaned.

Add a pouring spout & some dish soap...
the blah is now a TADA!

It's an alternative to this soap pump
I made a few weeks ago.

Enjoy your day!


  1. very spring! i love using interesting bottles for my dish soaps!

  2. what a great bottle to work with! we don't have those in Mexico :(

    I love what you did to it!

  3. Hi Claire, first time reader...but I already love your blog. Your title was what caught my eye! Hee hee. Very cute, and lovely inspirations! Thank you!

  4. Hi Susan -- yay! for beautiful bottles :)

    Hello Nuit...I'm sure you have cute soda bottles there :)

    Welcome to my blog Sophia! Please come by again!

  5. Where did you find the spout? I absolutely LOVE this idea and my Mom has saved TONS of old bottles that would be perfect for such a project!

  6. Hi there Abs! Thanks for checking out my blog! I got this spout from a dollar store (two to four in a pack). You can also check the kitchen section of your department store or supermarket. They are so nifty!


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