26 May 2010

Second Life

Today, I'm going to tell you about this little habit of mine.
I keep used tea bags.

It's weird, I know.

After brewing a cup, I let the tea bag dry
on a tea caddy (or a small sauce dish).

Then I store the bags in a jar until I'm
ready to use them again.

These may be a blah, but I'm definite that
these tea bags still have flavor in them and
can be used a second time.

I gather them, knot the strings together and
let them steep in hot water
for a few hours.

Then I take out the bags and stir in
some honey or simple syrup.

TADA! I've got iced tea perfect for
the warm summer months!


  1. Here is a tip to get more of the flavour: after you take the tea bag out of your tea cup, rinse it briefly with cold water ! This is supposed to seal the rest of the flavours in, somehow.

  2. Thanks for the tip Eternal*Voyageur! I'll try that :)

  3. That's great. I usually use mine in the garden after I use them, plants really like them. I'll remember to save them after the first use and discard after the second =]

  4. this is a great idea!!! iced tea is always nice where I live. :)

  5. How do you prevent the tea bag from molding though? I've seen what happens to my bosses tea cups/tea bags when she leaves them (used) sitting on her desk for a weekend and it "aint pretty!" LOL!

  6. Thanks for your visit ItsMeBeth, Nuit & Christine! I make sure the bag is bone dry before I store them in the jar & I don't wait too long before I make the tea to avoid any nasty stuff to happen. But for you guys who aren't comfortable re-using the tea bags...add them to your compost pile for happy plants :)


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