17 May 2010

Still Sewing!

Happy New Week Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by today -- I really enjoy your company.

If you visited last week, I told you all about this
wonderful book where I'm getting my
current inspirations:

In this book, there are just too many "good things", as Martha herself would say. So this week, I'll be showing some more sewing projects, with my blah to TADA! twist of course!

I love to recycle shirts like I did here, here, here, here and here.

Today, it's a similar blah but just wait
'til you see the TADA!

Add the magic of a pattern, pins, scissors,
needle, thread, buttons, stuffing & felt...

And viola -- a TADA! Teddy Bear who's got
a lot of love to give away.

Remember the pillow I made last Friday?
The one made from a man's shirt?

You can't really see it here but the shirt has a pocket.

It makes a perfect home for dear Teddy!

This can be a great gift for a little boy
(or girl) using Dad & Mom's old shirts,
don't you think?


Your comments are very much appreciated!