10 May 2010

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts

Well hello there! Thank you for visiting me today. The weather was beautiful this weekend and that is a gift that I hope to keep receiving as spring progresses into summer. Did you have great weather, too?

Today, let me tell you about my current favorite read. It's Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts; her latest book after the Encyclopedia of Crafts.

I had the pleasure of attending the book launch last April 1st at the MSLO offices in New York City. My general admission ticket ($36.50) allowed me to enjoy some scrumptious finger food & cocktails and to admire projects featured in the book that were on display:

Tables showing the basic items you need for any sewing project.

Assorted crafts...the offspring of needle & thread.

Masterpieces made from quilting & applique.

But it's not all about sewing, there are other fabric crafts, too:

Such as dying fabric...

As well as stamping & printing.

There were also demonstrations using Singer, Husqvarna & Pfaff sewing machines.
These ain't ol' grandma's sewing machines!

We also got to do some on-the-spot do-it-yourself crafting!

We made a tomato pin cushion!
We sewed it, stuffed it & decorated it.
I'm quite proud of my little tomato!
{I got to take home some of these flower pins, too.}

As we left the event, we got this cool bag.

Inside was a copy of the book (included with ticket purchase).

But look at what else we got:

Magazines...lots of magazines!

A pair of Martha Stewart scissors

And embroidery thread, too.
With a color guide!

Plus thread and needles
(for hand sewing & a sewing machine).

There were coupons for the
purchase of a sewing machine &
Martha Stewart sewing goodies.

And finally, Rit dye that can turn old
fabrics from blah to TADA!

The book & pin cushion were good enough for me, but I got a lot more fabulous extras! Oh Martha, I love you!

Please come back tomorrow to check out the what TADAs I made. Have a nice day!


  1. wow what fun LOOT.
    I love her other encyclopedia of crafts but have not seen this one yet!
    Thanks for the intro and nice to meet you!

  2. Welcome to my blog Lady Ren! I'll be making Challah French Toast tomorrow -- thanks to you :)

  3. YOUR tomato is perfect Claire!! oh I would have love to attend! Martha Stewart is amazing =D

  4. Oh you would have loved it Nuit! My tomato says "Thank You" for the compliments, heehee :)

  5. Dear Claire,
    I love your name as my daughter is also named Claire.
    Can you tell me more about Masterpieces made from quilting & applique? That example is yelling at me...."Make me! Make me"
    Thanks for all the inspiration, Claire. You really are TADA!

  6. omg, you got some awesome things from the party! i wish i could have gone! i actually won a copy of this book in a singer giveaway! i haven't looked through it yet, but i CANNOT wait!

  7. This event looks like so much fun! If I lived anywhere nearby I definitely would have gone too!

    I am glad you had so much fun!

    p.s. cute tomato too!

  8. Hi Naomi! Looks like you are a big quilter :) I'll share more pictures with you. I've got to say, I haven't tried quilting before but I do have some projects in mind!

    Hi Sandy -- you won a copy of the book! You are so lucky! Once you start leafing through the pages, you'll find inspiration in no time :) Congrats!

    Hi Shopgirl! Thanks for your compliments!

  9. Oh, man!! I was at that event, too! I wish we could have met up.

    I love you blog. Keep up the great work!

  10. Hi Rachel! You were there, too?! Wasn't it fun? I hope you've made a few projects from the book :)


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