05 May 2010

Hanging Beauties

Happy Wednesday!

Bottles & jars are fun to recycle.
Today, I found another idea to turn these:

From blah to...

TADA! - decorative jars!

These are sold at Anthropologie,
but can be easily re-created at home using
a little bit of wire & some beads, all
twisted together.

Here are some ideas to spruce them up:

(1) Add votive candles
(2) Pour in some water & add some flowers or leaves
(3) Water + food coloring = tinted water
(4) Put in some sand & some shells for a beach-y feel

Then hang these up from the branches in your backyard
for a springtime or summer party!

Isn't it awesome to find ideas while you're shopping?
See you tomorrow!


  1. I just love this one. So many good summer ideas for our Avacado tree.

  2. I loved a set of these from Anthropologie! Painting them with glass paint would be pretty, too!

  3. Looks amazing..wonder if I can create something that looks like this:)

  4. Hi Shawna...you have an avocado tree? I likey!

    Hello Susan! Glass paint is s great idea :)

    Hi there Betty! I know you can make something really beautiful...can't wait to see it!

    Take care Ladies!


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