21 May 2010

Trying My Hand at Applique'

Hey, hey it's Friday! Aren't you glad the weekend's here?

I've been sewing like a mad woman thanks to this fabulous book
and its equally fabulous book launch showing off actual
crafts and several on-site projects.

Among the many things in the book, applique' is one thing I'd like to learn.
It most likely originated as a means to patch holes in clothing,
but is now used for decorative purposes for bed linens...

and drapery...


and pillows!

These projects are a little too ambitious for me,
so allow me to practice first.

I found an old shirt.

Then I cut out a starfish shape from
another old shirt.
{Can you tell that summer's on my mind right now?}

Position & pin the starfish.

Stitch in place, folding the fabric inside as you sew,
for a clean edge.

TADA! -- my first attempt at applique!
I know, it could be much neater.

Hope you like my sweet summer silly starfish shirt!
Now go and have yourselves a fun weekend.


  1. It ´s a lovely and funny idea!
    Hugs from Spain

  2. Love the pillows.

    Susie from
    I Just Love That Fabric

  3. It's my first attempt and I'm so happy with your support Liliana, Nuit and Susie! :)

  4. I bought the book my self and I am reading like crazy. I have only made the pants projects. It is amazing how easy and practical it is. By the way, I love how you did the pillows

  5. Hello Limoncellodituscanny!I have yet to try the projects involving sewing clothes from scratch :)
    Happy sewing!


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