27 May 2010

Tea Staining

After making a cup of tea, don't throw out the bag immediately.

Save the bags and use them as natural dye.

I'll show you how with this piece of inexpensive lace.

Fill a bowl with hot water and dunk in the used tea bags.

Add the lace, making sure it's entirely underwater.
Allow this to soak for at least 24 hours or until
you've achieved the tone that you want.
{It may require a few days.}

TADA! Tea-stained lace!
Rinse your new piece of lace with soap & water
and allow to dry.

Attach an elastic band to the ends...

And you've got a romantic headband!


  1. Staining fabric! how genious! I stained a black and white photograph once to make it look older and i love the results, definitely going to try this headband. I love your Tea series Claire!

  2. Thanks Nuit for visiting me this entire week! I love all your encouraging comments :) tea staining photos?! That's genius! I have to try!

  3. What neat ideas you have! Very inspiring -- and your blog is lovely.

  4. You are so sweet Katie*Bell! Thanks for visiting :)

  5. Love it!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:
    (link will go live Sunday morning)

  6. I appreciate it Anne! Thanks as always :)

  7. I have used this method lots of times when I want something to look more vintage.

    Works like a charm!!

  8. Thanks so much for visiting Sandra Kay! :)


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