31 May 2010

Getting Ready For Summer

I can feel it -- summer is in the air!
More time outdoors and a great excuse to
do some shopping.

I got this nice berry-scented body lotion.

Plus nail polish in cool shades.

And here's my signature summer scent --
it takes me to the beach even if I'm far
away from the water.

I also got myself this sexy hat from a
street market in New York City.

I've worn it several times already
and sometimes, I feel it looks a little blah.

TADA! I added a brooch to spruce it up.
{It's a TADA! from the bag of scrap}

I think my hat looks more expensive than
what I spent for it ($10) and I think
I can wear it with a dress like this
from J. Crew:

Perfect for an outdoor wedding or
cocktails at the rooftop perhaps?


  1. Gorgeous! what a great idea, i have a really similar hat and never thought of adding a brooch to it, it does make it look more expensive. Lovely, summery buys! x

  2. Thanks Heather! This project will make you hat & brooch collection happy :)

  3. what a beautiful transformation.. the hat is great!

  4. definetly perfect for a romantic evening or maybe a concert in a park somewhere...love the hat.

  5. Thank you dear Nuit & Ruxandra :) Have a nice day!


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