18 May 2010


Hey there! So nice to see you today.

Here is one of the displays I kept coming back to at Stitch Fest:

They are simple canvas bags made beautiful with
stencils, iron-on transfers, applique and embroidery.
Definitely a blah to TADA! project, which inspired me to do this:

I found this bag in my closet over the weekend.
It was a freebie from a magazine.
I thought I could add some more personality
to it even if it was already TADA!

These images from the internet got me all excited.

I used the bag as a canvas for some sketching.
If you aren't confident with your drawing skills,
you can transfer your chosen images to the
bag using some carbon or transfer paper.

Use a permanent marker to define your design.

TADA! -- my official summer tote bag!
Woot! Woot!


  1. owls are so great!!! your tote back is adorable Claire!!! xoxo

  2. How cute is that tote..I love it! I am so glad you left a note on my blog....That way I could find you! Such a great post:)
    Kisses and I hope to see you again :)

  3. Hi Diana! Thanks for coming over & thanks for your sweet note :)

  4. So so so cute!! I love this.

  5. Thanks a lot Kara! I hope you can make a little something similar :)

  6. You had me smiling with your words and the bag is perfect for summer. I can imagine it will start some fantastic conversations. =)

  7. Thank you Miss Simply Luxurious! What a great compliment from you :)


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