24 May 2010

It's Tea Time!

It's another new week to turn blah into TADA!
And this week, it's tea time.

I love tea.

Asian tea...

English tea...

Tea in boxes, tea in tins -- I'm an equal opportunity
tea lover!

I can't even throw away the blah bits left behind.
So when you've got left-over loose tea...

Make cookies!

I added the remaining tea (2 tablespoons)
in a butter cookie recipe.

TADA! Sweet & soothing Chamomile Tea Cookies!

You can see the flecks of tea all over the cookie.
These are the reason I look forward to
tea time even more.

Have a nice Monday!


  1. mm what a yummy post! I need a green tea right now ;)

  2. Happy Monday Nuit! Enjoy your green tea :)

  3. Oh my these cookies are pretty..I'm loving those little tea flecks in the cookies:)

  4. Hi Betty! You made the cookies smile :) Thanks!

  5. That sounds really interesting! Can you actually taste the chamomile?

  6. Thanks for visiting 180/360! Surprisingly, you can taste the chamomile...I was also doubtful at first since chamomile is a very mellow flavor :)


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