28 May 2010

Recycling Tea Bags

Another wonderful week has come to an end.

Today, we conclude our "tea" series.
Let me show you how many times I can recycle
these blah used tea bags.

First round: Iced Tea made by
steeping a few used bags in hot water,
allow to cool, then add honey & ice cubes.

Second Round: Use the same tea bags to stain some lace
or fabric to give it a new look.

I think a third round of recycling is in order.
Yup, we're squeezing the life out of
these tea bags!

Remove the tea from the bags and
add the used tea to your compost pile
and then to your soil.

TADA! The tea will provide nutrients to your plants!

Have an exciting weekend everyone!


  1. How many amazing ideas! It ´s great!
    Have a nice weekend
    Hugs from Spain

  2. That last idea never came to my mind!! Tnhak you!!!

  3. Glad to be of help Papgena Made It :) Happy recycling!

  4. The tea-bag material itself can be rinsed, bleached, dried and used to repair torn fingernails.


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