25 February 2011

Fun Favor Bags

Whether it's the holidays or the rest of the year,
you'll encounter these tissue sheets
when you shop or receive a present:

I like these ones that are in a natural brown.
They remind me of paper bags.

So I made paper bags out of them!

Then decorated each one with ink & a rubber stamp.

It's a cool container for party favors or
baked goodies like these cookies!

Have a sweet weekend everyone!


  1. These are so cute. Can you tell me how you folded to make?


  2. What a sweet clever idea Claire!

  3. Thanks for your comments Ronda and Betty! Here's how I made the bag:
    (1)Trim the tissue sheet into twice the size you want the bag to be.
    (2) Fold the sheet in half to determine the center. Make a gentle crease. Open up the sheet.
    (3) Make one end of the sheet touch the center. Fold and crease.
    (4) Take the other end and make it touch the center, but this should overlap the first fold you made. Seal with glue.
    (5) Fold the bottom, make a crease. Undo the fold. You'll have an inner fold and an outer fold. Cut out the inner fold & discard. Add some glue to the outer fold and attach to the bag to seal the bottom. Tada! Instant paper bag!
    (6) To seal the top of the bag, just fold once or twice and seal with tape or make some holes and finish with ribbon. :)

  4. ,,,love, love, love your blog, claire!,,,i'm so happy you peeked-in "the life that i have", you have inspired me to recycle many things i already own into really great products,,,i'm so tickled right now with your "lil" baked cookie bag that i shall do this with the next batch of cookies i make and share with neighbors,,,i'm a believer it's all in the presentation,,,i'm so excited to have found you!,,,(smile),,,this evening when "he" is slumbering, i will sit with a glass of wine and read all your posts from beginning to end,,,can't wait!,,,i'm crazy excited about your ideas because i believe recycling is important,,,green is the new black!,,,

  5. Hi there Rebecca! Thanks for your visit and for championing the recycling cause :) Your kinds words are my TADA! for the day -- you made me smile from ear to ear and I know I'll have this grin all weekend! :)


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