11 February 2011

A Winter Walk

All this week, I was ranting about how winter
can be such a blah and how I cope
while staying indoors.

Today, I'm celebrating winter's TADAs!

C'mon, take a walk with me.

I think winter is TADA! after the
snow has fallen and the ground is
immaculately white.

Even if the holidays are over,
it still looks like Christmas
when snow settles on the trees.

Shadows are more dramatic
on an icy, white canvas.

Winter can be quite solitary,
but it's good to drown in one's
thoughts sometimes.

But the biggest TADA! of winter...

...the promise of spring!

Happy Friday Lovelies.


  1. Oh, it's so beautiful...I love the blue shadows on white snow. We have ZERO here...but freezing temps all week...wishing it would snow again!

  2. Thanks Marfa! Have a warm and wonderful weekend! :)

  3. Claire, I love that you ended the week with some good winter tadas:)
    Spring is coming!!

  4. As always, thanks Betty for your sweet comment! I'm looking forward to spring flowers already :)

  5. Tada's are so full of life. Get us more and more :)

  6. Thanks for using "Tada!" Aakash! Have a nice weekend :)

  7. I love this post!!! And I wait for spring - today is freezing in Poland, but no snow unfortunately!

  8. Thanks so much Mnemonique and Mr. Manager! :)


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