15 February 2011

Museum Madness

I think I've mentioned before that I fancy museums. It's one of the must-sees whenever I'm in a new city. Museums have colorful stories. Museums are full of inspiration!

It's standard for me to pick up a floor plan when I begin. This helps me strategize. Where should I go first? Are there special exhibitions? How can I avoid the crowds? Where's the gift shop? The floor plan has been proven useful in more ways than one:

This is what my museum map looks
like at the end of my visit.

I like to take notes, put a star on my
favorites & mark the ones I've seen.

This method helps me remember.
I know. It's messy. So blah.

And because the theme of my blog entries this
week is pretty journals & what to do with them,
I thought this blank notebook already had
its work cut out for it.

I just had to make it official.

I found these tags at the Martha Stewart
holiday craft fair last December.
It's made of sturdy kraft board &
has matching baker's twine!

I used it with rubber stamps to make a label.

Then I attached it to the notebook.

I'll take this notebook to my next
museum excursions.

I'm excited to fill it up with notes,
sketches and, who knows, the
autograph of a great artist!


Your comments are very much appreciated!