21 February 2011

Remnants from the Holidays: Colorful Tissue

And I thought the holidays were over.

I have this pile of colorful tissue left
from the gifts we received at Christmas.
And you know me, throwing them away
is an unlikely option.

Look, I have these, too.
Crumpled, clear plastic bags.

Inspired by this project on Hello Sandwich,
here's what I did.

I turned the tissue into confetti.

Then transferred them into the
plastic bag.

I inserted a gift {wrapped in more tissue}
inside the "confetti bag" and tied the
mid-section with some ribbon.

TADA! Instant, festive gift wrap!
I like how the confetti moves around as
the gift is carried & can only imagine
the riotous confetti shower when the
recipient unwraps the gift!


  1. I like this idea Claire..for a moment I thought you were showing my remnants of tissue paper and crumpled plastic:)
    The recipients of your gifts always find a treasure in the wrapping as well as the gift.

  2. Thanks for all your supportive comments Betty! Have a colorful week! :)


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