23 February 2011

Mood Lights

I know you're all familiar with decorative tissue paper.
It's not just for wrapping gifts. I'm finding many
uses for it on my blog this week.

Particularly this one, recycled from the holidays.

I cut it to size and wrapped it around a glass vase.

These vases have made an appearance on our
dining table many times, as centerpieces to
display either flowers, leaves or candles.

Wrapping them with tissue -- it's like
getting them a new outfit!
TADA! A whole new look!

Add a votive candle and let them glow!
{Make sure the paper doesn't extend beyond
the vase -- it's highly flammable!}


  1. New outfits and a pretty glow! And done so inexpensively too. Not much goes to waste at your house does it Claire? :)

  2. wow! they look beautiful...
    you are a powerhouse of creativity..

  3. Thanks so much for your very regular visits Betty and Aakash! I know, sometimes I feel my husband thinks I'm crazy when our recycling bin is so full -- I have to go through each item before letting go...gotta make as many into TADAs! :)


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