17 February 2011

Think Positive

On my blog this week, it's all about pretty journals & how to
use them. Whether you fill it with recipes, notes or ideas,
these journals will hold all things important to you.

Here's another journal that I use everyday.
It's my gratitude journal.

I have one for every new year.

I fill it with positive quotes...

Life's little lessons...

God's promises & my daily prayers...

And most importantly, the blessings I
receive every day.

I believe that living a life of gratitude is TADA!

At the end of the year, I look through the journal and realize the many good things I've received. When I'm having a bad day or when I'm experiencing some self-doubt, all I need is to flip through these journals and instantly, the blah turns into TADA!

Have a nice day!


  1. Really really amazing blog and great articles. Thank you very much for sharing all this. Nice Design!

  2. Great post Claire, I love this journal the best..on gratitude! Just thinking on that this morning and I have so much to be thankful for and need to keep the right attitude.

  3. Hello Betty! I think that if you're always grateful, you'll always be blessed. Thanks again for making my blog a part of your day! :)


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