14 February 2011

Lovely Journals

Happy Monday!
I hope you a had a thrilling weekend.
In my neck of the woods, the sun was out,
the temperatures higher and that's
a definitely a TADA!

Do you like journals?
I like them a lot.

I make sure to stop and say HELLO
to these beautiful blank books when
I'm at a bookshop or paper goods store.

I've picked some up over the years & I really
use them, even if sometimes I think they're
too pretty for scribbling random thoughts.
I'll show you all this week how I'm filling
them up, beginning with this one:

TADA! -- A Kitchen Journal.
{The cover had a lot to do with
the choice for use.}

I designed a mission statement for
the inside front cover.

It's full of recipes I want to try &
keep making over and over.
{Actual recipe cards, hand-written &
clipped from magazines}

It also has inspirations for entertaining
and presenting food with style.

It's now getting too fat, it needs its own shelf.
Or maybe I should start Volume II.

See you tomorrow for more ideas.
And by the way,
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Great idea!!! Love this so much. I like to cut out recipies but lose them or tossing them in a binder. This is much better.

  2. journals remind me of my 'memory treasure chest'. :)
    Happy valentine's day 2 u 2!

  3. Thank you Balbina. Diane and Aakash for your comments! Have a fun day! :)

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, Claire!

  5. What a wonderful idea Claire! I too seem to have a weakness for collecting journals and I hadn't thought of putting recipes in them.
    Oh dollar store here I come:)

  6. Happy Valentine's Miss Paskalily!

    Hi Betty -- I have to join you at the dollar store...such a treasure trove!

    Thanks ladies for visiting today! :)

  7. I don't know how you keep doing it, but I love your amazing ideas. It's like you know me!

  8. I love your kind comment! Thanks so much Miss Destined for Now! :)


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