11 April 2011

Plastic Recycling Projects

Hello Lovelies!
I hope the weekend was kind to you.
This week, I'm back to recycling plastic bags.
I've been doing my best to bring my own canvas bags
to the store but I found this stash in the coat closet:

blah: plastic shopping bags

I love the bright colors be it plain or printed. So I decided to make more padded envelopes. I can never have too many -- I use them to mail little parcels within the country and even across the world.

First, I made a pouch using left-over bubble wrap, the three edges sealed with tape. I added some glue on both sides to allow the plastic bag {now cut to size} to adhere to the bubble wrap:

TADA! Fashionable padded envelopes in a cool graphic.

TADA! The fun colors will guarantee smiles...even if the package hasn't been opened yet!


  1. YAY! I like this idea! How fun! Did you just cover the H&M logo or snip it off?

    Just Better Together

  2. Thanks for your comment Justine! I kept the envelopes plain by cutting off the labels :)

  3. This is very cool. What kind of glue do you recommend?

  4. Thanks for visiting Charissa! I use regular school glue (ex. Elmers all-purpose glue). Happy crafting. :)

  5. I love this idea! I might have to try it next time I need to mail something in a padded envelope.

  6. Thank you so much LiveGreen for visiting and for featuring my blog on your site! Yay! :)


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