22 April 2011

Sweet Ruffle

Thanks for checking out my Easter projects.
Today, I have a final one.

And I'm using these paper candy holders:

I admit, there were chocolates on these paper liners
and I finished them. Sorry, I didn't share.

But I'll share an idea on how to turn
them from blah to TADA!

Insert a lollipop, an Easter greeting and a
tiny glitter sticker and you've got yourself
a fabulous party favor!

Have a colorful weekend and a
Happy Easter everyone!


  1. such a cute idea! everytime I see these wrappers I think of the Project Runway episode where one of the sewers used these to hot glue them together to make a dress!

  2. ,,,sweet idea,,,

    ,,,happy earthday, happy weekend, happy easter!,,,

  3. awesome treat! love this idea. xo

  4. thank you Claire for all your inspirational posts! I allways learn with you!
    Hope you and your family have a fantastic Easter!

  5. Happy Easter, Claire!


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