12 April 2011

A Few Cartoon Characters

Okay, I admit, today's idea is recycled from yesterday.
I just have to show you that even if plastic bags are
blah and are a big threat to the environment,
their use can be extended.

blah: plastic bags with cute character prints

TADA!: turn them into padded envelopes! Instructions here.

Perfect for mailing presents to children.

I quite like this Hello Kitty-print plastic bag.

I was able to make two small padded envelopes out of it. TADA!


  1. Glad you like 'em Mary Ann! Thanks for your visit today! :)

  2. So perfect. We go to Disney every other year and I'm obsessed with saving all the bags our purchases come in but I never know what to do with them. This is PERFECT!!!!

  3. Hi Emily! I'm secretly wishing for a trip to Disneyland. :) I know you'll have lots of uses for those cute bags!


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