21 April 2011

Eggs-tra Cute

Happy Thursday!

Is this a familiar sight in your kitchen?

blah: empty egg shells and carton

Well then, turn them into TADA!

I made this bud vase centerpiece not too
long ago. Just add flowers!

Here's another idea -- dress the eggs {thoroughly cleaned}
with stickers!

Don't you love this little bunny and chick?

Lay them on the egg carton, sprinkle with
sweets and you've got a playful centerpiece.


  1. ,,,fancy that!, great idea,,,you have me thinking the brown eggs we enjoy would make a very interesting arrangement,,,and the clear container they rest in would be a lil somethin' somethin' adding to the "cute-ness" of the arrangement,,,i best get busy (smile),,,thank you for the idea,,,

  2. Thanks so much for your regular visits & comments Rebecca and Betty! :)

  3. lovely idea for the sweet little vases!!! I love that and I will use it.

  4. Lovely, especially with flowers! I just finished spraying old egg cartons in silver! Going to make some decoration for Easter too. A display for colored eggs ?

  5. Thanks Mnemonique and Paskalily! Can't wait to see what you've made :)


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