05 April 2011

Canvas + Leather

It's all about bag make-overs this week.
And let me tell you, I've been obsessing over
canvas bags with leather trim:

Aren't these fabulous?
Pretty yet utilitarian & fashionably laid back.

I found this blah bag at the top of my closet:

It's canvas with a cute print in the inside flap.
I bought it at Target some years ago
and very rarely used it.

Inspired by the above combinations,
here's how I made it TADA!:
I added a leather closure that I bought from the sewing
supplies shop {alternatively, you can re-use an old belt}.
Attach it to the bag by sewing.

I might change the strap to match the closure later on.
But now, the bag has a little bit of attitude,
ready to be used on a regular basis!


  1. Bag with an attitude..I like that:) Good 'pick me up' ideas for tired handbags.

  2. whoa, i would have never thought of that! you really did amp up that bags looks! awesome!!!!

  3. Hi Mary Ann and P! Thanks for your comments! :)

  4. Beautiful post! Its canvas with a cute print in the inside flap. I really inspired by the above combinations. I like it. Thanks for share!
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