25 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

I hope you had a lovely Easter.
This week, I'm gearing up for another
special event -- the Royal Wedding of
Prince William and Kate Middleton!

It's happening this Friday {April 29} and it will be
hard to miss since most television stations will be
covering this once in a lifetime event.

I'll be inviting a few girlfriends to have
our very own "Wedding Viewing Party."

And for this, we'll be needing some
proper hats -- just like what the
British wear to many formal events.

I'm making these hats on a budget.

blah: produce sacks and an old t-shirt

Cut the old t-shirt into strips and turn
them into rosettes {No. 1}.

Form one of the produce bags into a ribbon {No. 2}
and turn the other one into a veil {No. 3} by
gathering one end with needle & thread.

Put them together & attach by sewing:

TADA!: a hat that's both silly and sweet!

Spruce it up with green leaves made of felt.
Add a comb or clip to secure it to your hair.

I'm reusing this vase {I made her a face!}
to model my creations.

More tomorrow!


Your comments are very much appreciated!