27 April 2011

A Party Hat

This week, I'm busy making hats.

You see, I'm getting ready for the wedding of
Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

I'm not invited to the wedding, but I thought
a viewing party would be fun.
Complete with hats for everyone!

Here's what I'm using:

blah: a produce sack that once held lemons

Turn it into a bow, add a beaded brooch and
attach to a headband with a glue gun.

TADA! A fancy hat made from a produce sack!


  1. It is wonderfull how you can see so amazing things in such a simple materials! I love these hats you are making! Going to wach Royal wedding too!

  2. I love your projects! You are so creative, that this creativity you could give to several people.

  3. Thanks so much Mnemonique! I'm happy to share ideas. :)


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