26 April 2011


This week, I'm on Royal Wedding Watch.
I'm enamored by all of this because
it's the stuff of fairy tales -- how a
regular girl gets to marry a prince!

Notice the hair accessory that bride-to-be
Kate Middleton is wearing?
It's called a fascinator.

Today, I'll try my hand at making one.

blah: a purple produce sack & a millinery feather

blah: another produce sack

Fold and form the produce sacks into bows.
Secure the ends with wire or twisty ties.

Embellish with sequins & beads, and attach
the feather with hot glue.
Add a comb or clip for easy wearing.

TADA! A fabulous fascinator!


  1. Great idea, I always wanted to make fascinator by myself, but everything what I found was made of some special fabrics, and your idea is so easy! I will definitely use that!

  2. Thanks Mnemonique! These things can be very expensive but with a little DIY and everyday materials, fascinators are easy to make! :)


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