19 April 2011

Cheery Chick

We're gearing up for Easter with a bunch
of cute & cheerful blah to TADA! crafts.

Today, we're transforming this baby:

blah: a Styrofoam cup that once contained soup.

After cleaning it up really well...

TADA!: It's a candy bowl!

The stripes are made of felt. Add a plush toy {this little
chickee came from the dollar bin} and position it like
it's hugging the bowl. Attach everything with hot glue.

Note: You might have to weigh it down if the stuffed toy
is heavier than the cup {ex. put a small bowl or
condiment dish inside the Styrofoam cup, then
add the candy.}
Use it as a centerpiece on your coffee or dining table,
make it part of the dessert spread or raffle it off to a
lucky guest {place in a clear bag, top with a ribbon,
for easy handling}.


Your comments are very much appreciated!