15 April 2011

Travel Time

Hooray it's Friday!
Like me, I'm pretty sure plastic containers
are still part of your everyday.

For example, your daily toiletries:

Once consumed, you are left with empty, blah containers. I like to save them, especially the little bottles. I clean them well, label neatly and fill them up with necessities:

TADA! Items that I need for a weekend getaway. No need to buy travel size versions at the store. Just refill when running low.

Great for carry-on luggage too because each bottle contains 3 oz. of liquid or less.

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. I also like to re-use these little travel size bottles for shampoo, etc.
    Enjoyed your 'plastic recycling' ideas this week, Claire.

  2. ,,,yes indeed this is a "tada" moment!,,,i also upcycle these lil bottles in the same way you do, what is not to love about never having to purchase the "trial size" items that are way over inflated in cost,,,$1 for 3oz or less?,,,not this gal,,,happy weekend (smile),,,

  3. Thanks dear Betty and Rebecca! Have a fun weekend! :)


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