01 September 2011

Say Cheese!

I hope you are having an awesome day!
I certainly am. I'm taking a little
vacation from crafting this week.

Inside my beach bag, I didn't forget to pack...

A few cameras! These are Lomography cameras that
still rely on film. Bright, sunny days are the best time
use them. One's a Supersampler & the other's a Fisheye.
Waiting for the film to get developed may be
a little blah but who knows? The images
that come out can be totally TADA!

Need to capture summer before it's over.
Bye now!


  1. My boyfriend gave me a Supersampler in my last birthday. It's a really funny camera!

  2. Have a good time on your vacation!

  3. Hello Carabiru -- these cameras are so cool & old school at the same time. I know the iPhone has apps that almost give a Lomo finish but these cameras keep you in suspense until the photos have been printed! :)

    Hi there Paskalily!

    Happy day Ruxandra!

    Thanks so much for stopping by :)


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