07 January 2013

A New Calendar for a New Year

Happy New Year my dear friends! I hope your holidays were fun and memorable. Mine were absolutely TADA!

As we begin a new year, we turn a new leaf and quite literally, that's the theme of today's post -- calendars. Even if we've got built-in calendars in our computers and mobile phones, I still feel the need to have the old fashioned kind: a wall calendar which I keep in the kitchen {scribbled with appointments and dates to remember}, and a desk calendar {for a quick reference when remembering deadlines and planning meetings or a get together}. 

The calendars I have are usually freebies from a bank or airline, but if I were to spend some money, these would be on top of my list: 

2013 Calendars
via Paper Source
A calendar that's wild and colorful. And with double purpose, too. When the month is over, simply tear off the page and turn this into gift boxes, a file folder or a bookmark {instructions included}. How's that for blah to TADA!

2013 Calendars
via Paper Source
Desk calendars that can be used year after year. One is made of magnets, and the other, made of puzzle bricks. A fair warning: assembly required at the beginning of each month.

2013 Calendar
via Paper Source
The prints on these wall calendars are adorable. The first is a little bit retro, and the second one whisks us away to dreamy destinations. At the end of the year, I'd pick my favorite pages and put these in picture frames...a lovely way to dress up an office or playroom.


  1. I bought my friend that brick calendar, and I can say that it is very fun. I have spent many a sleepover changing the way the calendar looks, making up my own designs, trying the ones on the box...
    I would highly suggest one!

    1. Happy New Year Willow! This brick calendar is so much fun! :)


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