25 January 2013

An Office Party

Hello and Happy Friday! Birthdays have been on my mind lately, not necessarily mine, but of dear family or friends, and how I can help make it special for them. That's why when I saw the following ideas in the Martha Stewart Living magazine, I got excited over how ordinary office supplies can turn from blah to TADA!:

via Martha Stewart
Turn pad, graph or copy paper into instant gift wrap.
Then, embellish with rubber bands for added color.

via Martha Stewart
Get yourself a few sheets of sticky notes and cut out 
letters that spell out a greeting. Stick these on a wall
or a piece of twine to decorate your party space.

via Martha Stewart
Create a giant birthday card out of a file folder and 
colorful masking tape or Japanese washi tape.

via Martha Stewart
Then pass it around for everyone to sign.

A batch of blah to TADA! birthday card ideas 
coming next week. For now, may you all 
have a warm and fuzzy weekend!

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