18 January 2013

The Decorated Page

Hooray, we made it to Friday!

All this week, I added some TADA! to rather blah notebooks:

 Just a few floral touches using watercolor and these notebooks
have gained some charismatic character.

They're blank inside. Ah, but there lies even more blah to TADA!
Imagine all the good things you can put inside.
Here are a few ideas: 

via Jennifer Firth
 Turn them into journal pages just like Jenny's Sketchbook.

via Debra Cooper
 Use mixed media to record your day just like what Debra does.

via Donna Downey
 Or use some texture with paint and scrap paper the way
Donna makes hers.

via Geninne Zlatkis
 Or make something dreamy just like Geninne's

via Danielle Kroll
Of if you're totally proud of your "Outfit of the Day",
illustrate it the Danielle way.

Here's to beautifully decorated pages,
and an even beautiful weekend!

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