10 January 2013

Write, Erase, Repeat

We're still on the subject of calendars and look what I found in Etsy! Calendars for the wall that can be used every month and even every year.

Dry Erase Wall Calendars
No. 1 and No.2 are adhered to an empty wall and entries are added with an ink pen. When a new month arrives, just erase and reuse the calendar all over again. No. 3 is similar with a more old fashioned twist: it's a chalk board.

The following ride on the same idea but are geared towards smaller spaces:

Dry Erase Family Calendars
The end of the year doesn't make these calendars extinct. They can be used many times over and the use of paper is totally eliminated. I think that's blah to TADA! 


  1. You got that right, Claire! Less paper waste = wonderful! I like those ideas, I have always loved chalkboards, takes me back to elementary school days:)

    1. Happy Thursday, Betty! Chalkboards are always fun whether you're young or young at heart. :)


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