09 January 2013

One Sentence Journals

How do you keep a memory of your days? Do you have journal entries or take daily photos and post them on Instagram? I discovered these notebooks at the shops and I'm falling in love with the routine required:

One Sentence Journals

These are memory books that record five years of one's life. All you have to do is write the year and one line that defines that day: a plan {ex. I'm seriously considering going to culinary school}, a wish {ex. I claim good health for Auntie Em}, or a quote {ex. "Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, their lies your vocation." - Aristotle}

For busy moms, "Mom's one line a day" to jot down your child's milestones like taking a first step, losing a tooth or saying "I love you, Mama" for the first time.

If you're more of an artist, why not a visual journal where you draw "one sketch a day"?

These books are tiny {smaller than a paperback} so you can take it everywhere. And every year, it's a thoughtful way to keep tabs of what you've achieved.


  1. That's perfect, Claire! I love one liner journals..maybe then I would get around to writing in them. I start with good intentions with journalling then after a few weeks..it's a blah:)I need to stick with Tada!!

    1. Hi Betty! This kind of journal does take some commitment. Good thing there are many kinds of datebooks and journals depending on our needs. :)


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