08 January 2013

Datebooks with a Nostalgic Touch

Do you still use a datebook? Now that it's the start of a new year, what does yours look like?

Mine is this metallic gold that works as a daily planner and gratitude journal. I even have this little case for business cards to match. Why not? Go for gold in 2013!

Before I got this one, I was considering these:

2013 Datebook

Special editions of the simple yet functional Moleskine datebooks. But I couldn't choose! The Little Prince, The Peanuts Gang and Star Wars are all very close to my heart.

Whether or not you still use one, may they days and nights of your 2013 be always TADA!


  1. I have a date planner but mine doesn't look near as fancy as yours, Claire:) I like yours, maybe I'll need to look for one like it in 2014! Although I am used to the same type I have every year so I really don't need anything to throw me off:)

    1. Hi Betty! This planner was an inexpensive Target purchase. :) May your 2013 planner be filled with all things TADA!


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