21 January 2013

Craft Room Envy

Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! We get a day off today and I'll use it to rest, recharge, and do a little reading.

One of the items on my stack is the January issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Have you seen it? One of my favorite articles is "Pretty Crafty", featuring the craft room of Darcy Miller.

via Bride's Cafe
Darcy Miller is the editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings. She's very crafty and is one talented illustrator. Well, given that she's got those feathers in her cap {or sparkly tiara}, it would be expected that she have a craft room in her home. And a very fancy craft room at that.

via Martha Stewart
Just a selection of tools for her illustration needs,
neatly grouped in tumblers.

via Martha Stewart
Neat stacks of paper in a rainbow variety.

via Martha Stewart
Here she is with her three darling daughters.
I bet they spend hours and hours here!

via Martha Stewart
Her wall is filled with black and white family photos documenting her children's growth and many memorable moments. The black boxes in the shelf below contains more photos, which eventually end up in scrapbooks and scrapboxes.

via Martha Stewart
Uniform binders {properly labeled, too} keep the room neat and cohesive. A few shelves display some of her illustrations, many of which were used as cake toppers.

via Martha Stewart
A peek into her drawers: generous supplies in 
designated places. 

via Martha Stewart
Yes, even the crayons & pastels have their own drawers.

via Martha Stewart
Clear bins for more storage.

via Martha Stewart
Boxes containing greeting cards and decorating supplies segregated by occasion {ex. Valentine's, Holiday, etc.} fill the closets.

I'm feeling so much craft room envy! I only have a craft table, but wish for a craft room someday. I think that upgrade would be blah to TADA!

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