11 January 2013

Birthday Calendars

Don't you love it when someone remembers your birthday? And in the same light, do you feel a little guilt when you've forgotten someone else's? Oh so blah.

Here's a TADA! solution -- birthday calendars found on Etsy:

Birthday Calendars
All you need to do is write the person's name on the specific date {maybe include wedding anniversaries of your favorite couples as well}, take a look at the calendar everyday, and you'll never miss a birthday!

Here are two more that can be used in the office or classroom:

Birthday Calendars

Pretty neat ideas that you can buy or DIY.
Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Claire, I have one of those birthday calendars and love it! It was made by a local artist.

    1. Hooray Betty! Let's support handmade crafts and local artists! :)


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