28 January 2013

A New Craft Punch

Thank you for visiting me today! It's been freezing in my part of the world and to keep away the winter blues, I've decided to treat myself. Some women buy shoes, and others purchase make-up. Oh, I do that too. But if need a really cheap thrill, I head to the craft store!

I got myself this balloon-shaped craft punch. I think it'll be a great addition to my blah to TADA! craft arsenal. Let me show you its baptism of fire.

I saved these holiday gift catalogs that I got in the mail the past two Decembers. Sure, the gift suggestions were TADA!, but I really kept them because of the paper.

The pages were shiny, colorful and had an assortment of prints. Why spend on scrapbook paper when I had these right here?

I tore off the pages and punched out balloons. 

Paper balloons organized in empty egg cartons.
{Can you say blah to TADA! once more?} 

The printed balloons look cute, too.

Now that I've got all these balloons, please stop by
tomorrow {and everyday this week} to see how
I use them. Have a productive Monday ya'all!

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